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Sound Wave Art for the Homesick Blues

By August 15, 2013 No Comments

Do you have a loved one going off to college or moving? Do they tell you they can’t wait to be on their own and away from home? Of course they do, but we all know that at some point, they will get homesick. Why not give them a going away gift that will help with the fear of being away from Mom and Dad.  Voice Art Gallery can help create a unique gift for your college student or someone just starting out on their own.
Sound wave art can let your loved one see and hear your special message whenever they get that “missing home” feeling. To know that the sound waves are a comforting voice, song or silly saying would surely bring a smile to their face and a warm feeling to their heart. Voice Art Gallery loves to help people stay connected through their artwork and what a great addition to a new place.  With our many different color palettes and various sizes, you can compliment any room with a beautiful Voice Art print.