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  1. Kim

    My boyfriend loved his Christmas gift!
    I am a very happy customer! Thanks!

  2. John S.

    A late Christmas present for Alexandria, Voice Art Gallery took a recording of me saying “I love you, Ali” and turned it into this beautiful canvas artwork for our bedroom!

  3. Vera G.

    Thank you very much for the amazing canvas print. I loved it. It was the best anniversary gift for my husband.

  4. Lynn T

    Here is my brother-in-law, Ryan; my niece, Taylor; and my nephews Adam and Brandon holding your beautiful pieces that I presented to them on Christmas. I had my sister, Lori, say “I love you” to each one of them. Lori passed away on December 1st from breast cancer. These pieces will be treasured. Thank you!

  5. Sam F.

    I purchased 2 prints in December for my son and his girlfriend who have been together for about 6 years. 
    I wanted a unique gift for Christmas, asking each to send me a voice recording focused on his/her love for the other, which they did.  I uploaded it to your site without listening to it.  The gift blew them away.  My son said it was the best gift he’s ever received. 
    The bonus of the QR code is very fun as well.  While they truly love the artwork, they have chosen to reserve listening to the actual message for a special occasion they will create in the future.  Fun story, we couldn’t be more delighted that it was the perfect gift. 

    Since the holiday we ordered another artwork using the heartbeat of a friends unborn baby.  I can’t wait to give the gift at the baby shower in 2 weeks.

  6. Jaime S.

    Here is a pic you are welcome to post on your Facebook page. I absolutely love the print.! I have already posted it on my page and had lots of people inquire about where I had it made. I will continue to recommend Voice Art Gallery to anyone with a special occasion. I look forward to other products being offered on the near future.

  7. Ingrid M.

    I just wanted to let you know my print arrived and I couldn’t be happier!
    I had it framed and gave it to my partner who was blown away with the idea and outcome!
    All my friends were impressed by the concept and a few have taken down your details for future gift ideas.
    Thank you again for the most unique lovely gift I’ve ever gotten someone.
    I was also very impressed with your service and speedy responses to my many enquiries.
    Thank you again and again for all your help. I’ll definitely return for your services in the future!

  8. Janice M.

    Just sending you a picture of how awesome our artwork came out. Your team did an amazing job at matching the colors! Couldn’t be happier! I also posted a picture and tagged you on FB! Thank You again !!

  9. Tennelle F.

    Thank you so much its great. my husband loved what it does.and here is a pic of it I think u might move it to a brick wall not sure yet . Thanks we love it so much we may get more.

  10. Stacy H.

    I am so excited – it just arrived. Thank you!! It’s going to go perfectly with my seismographic, and Internet traffic data graphs! My Aaron is going to love it.

  11. Gavyn C.

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to your team and Thomas N for the beautiful result and wanted to share a photo of the artwork on our wall. I have been telling friends and family about how happy I am and for those who have seen it person, they absolutely love it.

  12. Penny Py

    It all started when I was struggling to find the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for-loved-one. My boyfriend is a unique person so I wanted a one-of-a-kind present for him. As I researched online, VoiceArt seems the best option. I recorded “our” song, “Besame Mucho” & ordered the print. As soon as I saw the finished product I immediately ordered it in a larger size. The image now hangs where we can see it every time we enter our home. It brings us a sentimental romance feeling whenever we pause to listen the barcoded message.

  13. Norma H.

    My daughter has always loved to sing. However, she has never really shared her passion for music with anyone but her immediate family. Her voice teacher encouraged her to meet with a local music producer. She is now working on original music and this picture will highlight the bridge of her first single.

  14. Sharon A.

    A family Florida tradition is my husband blowing a conch shell at the beach at sunset to say good by to the day.
    Thanks to voice art we will always have this audible memory
    The art work displays a feeling of the sun setting
    We all love it
    The legacy will live on

  15. Machell C.

    Well the canvas I made is a Christmas gift for my daughter. It is in remembrance of my father. He passed away last year. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and 3 months later he was gone. It was a terrible loss for our family. He was a wonderful man and very important to my children since their father was not a part of their life. Recently I was deleting my voicemails, which I never do, so there were a ton of them, and came across one from my Dad. The last one he ever left me. So of course it hit me hard and I saved it. It was very short so that is what I am using for this gift. I think it will mean a lot to my daughter.

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