Wedding Gifts for Parents


Thank your parents for the wonderful people they are, for all the life lessons they’ve taught you and for the loving person you grew up to be with a Voice Art™ gift for them on your

A simple message like “Thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to love” or “Thank you mom and dad for being the best friends a son/daughter could ever had” will give them every reassurance they need in an emotional time. Thank them for being the ideal parents, your best friends, the greatest teachers, your fiercest bodyguards and much more. Record a heart-felt message and we’ll make sure it is illustrated in the most glorious manner – superior artwork, grand size, excellent colors and fine finishing Your wedding is the time when parents are consumed with overwhelming feelings. Dads happy for their daughters yet secretly sad at the separation. Moms happy for their sons yet slightly apprehensive of the new turn of events. It’s the best time to thank them for being the best mom and dad in the world, isn’t it?

WeddingGiftsforParents2No other gift will stand out so much in their eyes and make them feel so close to you as the art-work that displays your sound-waves as you thank them for everything they’ve done for you. Your Voice Art™ gift will fill them with the joy they felt when you spoke your first words as a child, or told them your first “I love you mom and dad”. No better gift for your parents on your wedding day than this! Send us your message now and let’s get started on giving the perfect gift to your parents now!

Gift Ideas for Husband



The worthiness of a gift seldom has, if at all, anything to do with its monetary value. Come to think of a gift for your husband, he already has the best one – you! However, gifts are important nonetheless. Few things show him he still rules your heart, as remarkably as gifts.

Beatles didn’t get it wrong after all – love is all we need. Show your love in the finest way possible with Voice Art™ – sound wave art. Gift him something that is a constant reminder of how much you love him. A gift that is as beautiful, sleek and trendy as it is meaningful and thoughtful.

Need some gift ideas for your husband? 

Does your relationship have its own song? Something that played on your first date, on your wedding or a special occasion? Sing it to him (or just send us the actual song). Does he like to be called a certain name, a certain way? Call him that way.  Or simply, call him by his name and tell him “I love you!”.  Your sound wave art can be created by anything that make sound so get creative!

We turn your voice and the feelings behind it, into a piece of art. And wait, there’s more. You can have them tailored to suit your size and color requirements. How about picking his favorite color? And, the best of all – you can have multiple recordings to say all you feel, new promises, the old marriage vows – just about anything you please! This will be a gift like no other…get started now!

Unusual Gifts for Women

She’s an extraordinary girl. Why not gift her something unique? Something unusual that was made just for her.


Surprise the most extraordinary women in your life – mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, spouse, teacher or anyone else you love by giving them a Voice Art™ gift. Did you know that your voice is like a fingerprint? There isn’t and cannot be, any other like your voice. With the help of experts at the Voice Art gallery, you can turn your unique voice into an exceptional, personalized piece of artwork.


Need some ideas?  We’ve got a few.

Turn her name into a permanent piece of artwork, rendered in her favorite color. Have a flying kiss permanently mounted on her wall as a constant reminder of the thoughtful man she has in her life. Tell her she’s your “most favorite” women. The most beautiful women you have ever met or tell her what you like the best about her.

Already have an extraordinary women in mind? Tell her the reasons why you want her in your life. Tell her she is one of the blessings you count everyday. Apologize for something that happened ages ago and show her you love her. Appreciate for the seemingly small things she does for you day in day out and show that you notice them all.

All you need to do is think what you’d like to tell her the most. Record it and mail it to us. And we’ll turn it into an unusual gift that she can proudly boast of in front of her friends. Get started!