Voice Art Gallery: Dwell Holiday Giveaway 2013

This year Voice Art gallery is participating in the Dwell Holiday Giveaway!  We are giving away a framed 18″ x 48″ panoramic or 24″ x 36″ canvas print valued at $465.  As you may know dwell has a knack for choosing some of the coolest products out there (Well, of course!  They chose Voice Art!).  There is an amazing selection of products this year, so make sure you enter to win on each product!  http://new.dwell.com/sweepstakes/holiday-giveaway-2013/



Sound Wave Art

At Voice Art Gallery, we make sound wave art, but what is sound wave art?  Voice Art Gallery uses ground breaking technology to create customized sound wave art using your own voice, song, or sounds. No two pieces of sound wave art are alike.

Sound comes from vibrations that create waves that can move through air and water before reaching our ears. The more energy the sound has, the louder and faster the sound waves travel.  The height and tightness of the sound wave is a measure of the amount of energy in the wave. For instance, if you speak loud, the sound wave art is tighter together than if you were to whisper the same phrase or word.

Different people/sounds will produce different wave forms and different sound wave art, however there is one thing that remains the same…  Our quality.  We only use the highest quality canvas and solid wood frames to make your sound wave art. We offer many color palettes, including a custom color section, where you can use any color of your choice.  It just takes a few minutes to create artwork that will last a lifetime.  Get started!