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Gift Ideas for Husband



The worthiness of a gift seldom has, if at all, anything to do with its monetary value. Come to think of a gift for your husband, he already has the best one – you! However, gifts are important nonetheless. Few things show him he still rules your heart, as remarkably as gifts.

Beatles didn’t get it wrong after all – love is all we need. Show your love in the finest way possible with Voice Art™ – sound wave art. Gift him something that is a constant reminder of how much you love him. A gift that is as beautiful, sleek and trendy as it is meaningful and thoughtful.

Need some gift ideas for your husband? 

Does your relationship have its own song? Something that played on your first date, on your wedding or a special occasion? Sing it to him (or just send us the actual song). Does he like to be called a certain name, a certain way? Call him that way.  Or simply, call him by his name and tell him “I love you!”.  Your sound wave art can be created by anything that make sound so get creative!

We turn your voice and the feelings behind it, into a piece of art. And wait, there’s more. You can have them tailored to suit your size and color requirements. How about picking his favorite color? And, the best of all – you can have multiple recordings to say all you feel, new promises, the old marriage vows – just about anything you please! This will be a gift like no other…get started now!