Our Story

Voice Art Gallery is owned and operated by Mike Allen

Mike has been a musician and artist since the early nineties. He holds degrees in Fine Art and Digital Media and has played guitar in many bands over the years.

I take great pride in creating each
print. These recordings are unique
and sentimental. I want to make
sure that each one gets the attention
it deserves.

Mike has long sought a way to combine both his passions and began experimenting with visualizing sound waves. Through a process of trial and error, he eventually perfected a process that allows him to turn sound into captivating art pieces.

The Voice Art Gallery conversion process is unique and proprietary. Mike uses extreme care and precision to accurately transform the sound into visual art. Every voice is unique - just like a fingerprint - and it is of utmost importance to capture all the nuances and intricacies.

The creation of Voice Art Gallery prints is NOT automated! Each design is created by hand through a labor intensive process. It may take a little extra time, but the results are well worth it.

Voice Art Gallery and Voice Art Prints grew out of love and attention to detail. we use that same care for every one of our customers, because we know the importance of creating a memorable gift that will last a lifetime.