Our Story

As you may know, we love to hear your story and the creativity that inspired you to make your very own Voice Art. But what you may not know is our story...

In 2010 Brian Curfman was planning an anniverrsary dinner date for his wife. The details of the evening were to be a surprise and he wanted it to be extra special. Brian decided to create an electronic invitation for her with a recorded message. He spoke from his heart about all his feelings of love, then he went to his computer to edit the audio for the card. At that moment, something amazing happend.

I learned a lot about that first print,
but the best thing I learned is that it
is an awesome gift. It is Sentimental
and completely personalized for that
person. Plus they look amazing!

Brian noticed how interesting his voice looked, when represented visually in his editing software. Being naturally artistic and tech savvy, Brian became inspired. what would his recording look like if he played around with it, added some cool colors and shading, and enlarged it to poster size? He had to find out, so he began experimenting with the passion of an inspired man on a deadline! Designing, Printing, Framing, Wrapping. Every detail needed to be perfect and he finished just in time.

On the day of their anniversary, Brian presented his wife, Veselina, with the gift. He played the recording as she unwrapped the artwork. Tears of joy followed as Veselina wrapped her arms around Brian to thank him, then immediately went in search of a hammer and nail to proudly display the symbol of love above the fireplace.

In the days and weeks following, many people would see the gift hanging in Brian and Veselina's home and hint that they too, wanted their own print. After much encouragement and support, Brian knew he had something special that needed to be shared with the world.

Voice Art Gallery and Voice Art Prints grew out of love and attention to detail. we use that same care for every one of our customers, because we know the importance of creating a memorable gift that will last a lifetime.