A Good Use for Your Certificate of Authenticity

By February 1, 2014 No Comments

COASince we are 100% custom and personalized artwork, it takes more time to arrive than a fresh off the shelf product.  But hey, that is probably why you are looking at our product!  Voice Art is custom and unique.

For those of you that were giving a gift for a special occasion and missed the cut-off date, there is still a chance to give a gift on time!  Our Certificates of Authenticity (COA) contain an image of your design, and our QR Signature, which when scanned with any smartphone it will automatically play the recording!

With this form you can fill in, who created this and what was said.  Then just print and give to your recipient.  These make a great temporary gift until the artwork arrives.  Keep in mind, if you miss the cut-off day we will still work hard to try and get your artwork to you in time.  Start designing yours!