Gifts for Your Husband

When you think of gifts for your husband, do you go back to that same old question?  What do I get him this time?  Socks, T-shirts, maybe a wallet or a tie?

Let Voice Art Gallery help take the guesswork out of the gift giving for your husband.  Instead of giving him something he probably won’t use or would rather not get AGAIN, give him a Voice Art print. Not only is this gift for your husband unique, it lets him know that you put some real thought into his present and it’s totally from the heart. Or, you could get him a gift card and let him create his own masterpiece.

What about the kids?  This would be a gift for your husband from the children that would last a lifetime.  The possibilities are endless with sound waves on canvas.  Don’t let another birthday, Father’s Day or Anniversary sneak up on you and wonder what gift you will get your husband this time.

Voice Art Gallery can be your “go to” for gifts for your husband.  We only use high quality canvas for our prints and we offer a wide variety of colors and sizes.  Get Started!


Sound Wave Art for the Homesick Blues

Do you have a loved one going off to college or moving? Do they tell you they can’t wait to be on their own and away from home? Of course they do, but we all know that at some point, they will get homesick. Why not give them a going away gift that will help with the fear of being away from Mom and Dad.  Voice Art Gallery can help create a unique gift for your college student or someone just starting out on their own.
Sound wave art can let your loved one see and hear your special message whenever they get that “missing home” feeling. To know that the sound waves are a comforting voice, song or silly saying would surely bring a smile to their face and a warm feeling to their heart. Voice Art Gallery loves to help people stay connected through their artwork and what a great addition to a new place.  With our many different color palettes and various sizes, you can compliment any room with a beautiful Voice Art print.

Maternity Photo Ideas… Voice Art Style!

This August is our Maternity Month, and we would like to talk to you a bit about maternity photo ideas. Well, our version of maternity photos. We call them Babybeats™.

You might think when we talk about maternity photo ideas, we mean actual pictures. Not when you are working with the sound crazy minds of the Voice Art Team. While pictures of pregnant women are beautiful, so are the sounds that come within her tummy!

At Voice Art Gallery, we spin the maternity photo ideas, to a “maternity photo” of your baby’s heartbeat on canvas. Imagine the joy of listening to that awesome sound time and again, bringing back one of the most precious moments of your pregnancy. What a great gift to yourself!

It is easy to create a Babybeats™ print for your self. All you need is a recording of your baby’s heartbeat. At your next sonogram, ask the nurse for a recording of the heartbeat or just use your smartphone to record it. We can use either an audio file or a video file for the print.

Since our artwork is completely custom and you get to choose the colors, it will fit any nursery color scheme. Check out some current color trends for baby nurseries at our favorite site for color – ColourLovers Nursery Pallets.

Maternity photo ideas can be more than a picture… It can be Voice Art!

View our pricing and get started here.

Sound Visualized Through Light


SOFTlab, a New York-based design studio, recently took on the challenge of creating a piece to be featured in the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles. The only instruction for the project was to build an interactive structure that unifies light and sound. Custom designed from the bottom up, SOFTlab created an exceptional interactive installation that lets users and musicians participate in an active aural and visual piece of art. We learned about the preparation first-hand from SOFTlab founder, Michael Szivos, a few days before his flight to LA to install the piece to be on exhibit just a week later.

Originally posted on CoolHunting